Permaculture Flowplan

Permaculture Farmers offers to make a Permaculture Flowplan, for existing farming projects that is changing to permaculture.

Permaculture Flowplan

A permaculture flow plan is a plan for how "soil", plants, animals, energy, nutrients, and water move around, between the elements in your permaculture project. The flow plan is about finding the right order, or indeed the natural order of all the elements in your permaculture project.

Based on the flow plan, an implementation plan is made, that is showing which elements to start first and which should follow step by step. Stating elements in the right order to make natures biological cycle is very important. The implementation plan is a kind of blueprint or start-up plan for the whole permaculture project.

A flow plan can also be made for a property where there are already animals and plants. Flow plan may then be part of a plan to convert a property to permaculture and create natures biological cycle.

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