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Make  Permaculture  Farms and  Gardens

If you want to grow food in full cooperation with nature and run your farm in a sustainable way, with low input and high output. Then you can start now.

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What is permaculture Farming? 

Permaculture is living in natures biological cycle. From Earth to Table to Earth with nature's means, it is short answer to what permaculture is. The video here tries to expand the answer a bit by giving you some pictures of how permaculture look around the world. See also: Three Steps to Permaculture

Permaculture Design

Permaculture Design Plan

Permaculture Farmers make a "Permaculture Design Plan" for your permaculture project. The design plan will include all aspects of making a permaculture farm.
A Permaculture Design Plan consists of several parts, all of which are very important to achieve the desired result. There is a logical order to follow where a part must be completed before the next part can be started.

  • Your ideas and an analysis of the ideas. (adjustment of ideas and opportunities). 
  • Reviewing the project area. (what is possible)
  • Interview and presentation of project information schema.
  • Prospecting and project outline. (can it be made and how).
  • Flowplan for water, energy, and biomass.
  • Measuring and final placement of items. (practical design work).
  • Implementation plan. (step after step plan for how to build)
  • Finished permaculture design plan. (this has to be done & this is needed to do it). 

Implementation of Permaculture Project

Permaculture Farmers offers to assist and supervise the implementation of permaculture projects, where we have made the permaculture design plan.

PF offers to be a supervisor on the Implementation of Permaculture projects where we have made the permaculture design plan. But we are a permaculture consultant and does not own all the equipment and all the machines are needed. We know the equipment and the machines to be used for the various tasks and can help rent it on normal terms with a local machine or machine rental.

We may have contacts to obtain the seeds, plants, and animals most commonly used in a permaculture project. But here too, it is a good idea to use local producers to find the right plants and animals.

Permaculture Flowplan

Permaculture Farmers offers to make a Permaculture Flowplan, for existing farming projects that is changing to permaculture.

A Permaculture Flowplan is a plan for how animals, plants, energy, nutrients, and water move around, between the elements in your permaculture farm. The flow plan is about finding the right order, or indeed the natural order of all the elements in your permaculture project.

Based on the flow plan, an implementation plan is made, that is showing which elements to start first and which should follow in the biological circle that has to be created in a permaculture project. The implementation plan is a kind of blueprint or start-up plan for the whole permaculture project.

A flow plan can also be made for a property where there are already animals and plants. Flow plan may then be part of a plan to convert a property to permaculture and create the natural biological circle.

Education & Information

Permaculture Guidance & Information

Permaculture Farmers offers "Guidance and information" about permaculture, before the start of a permaculture project.
Guidance and information, happens when a new customer has a desire to find out whether they should make a permaculture project and how.
Guidance and Information. is provided only for periods of 60 minutes and takes place on the internet on Skype, Messenger, etc.
Guidance and information, are for customers who do not have a permaculture project, and feel that they don't have the right information to decide if permaculture is the right solution for them.
Or to those where there is not enough information to read in the What is Permaculture? page and want to know more about permaculture and the opportunities it can give them. The aim of guidance and information is always to find out what is the next correct step for the customer.

You must book a time and paid prior to get guidance and information.
Click here to make your booking for Guidance and information

Permaculture Counseling

Permaculture Farmers offers "Counseling" to permaculture projects that are under construction or in operation.
  • Permaculture Counseling is given only for permaculture projects that "Permakultur Farmers" know and have visited.
  • Counseling can be holistic and for the entire permaculture project, or for just one element in a permaculture project.
  • Counseling can also be advice on starting up new elements in a permaculture project.
  • You can make an agreement on a permaculture consultant visits to your project.
  • The customer will decide whether there is a need for a consultant visit in connection with advice.
  • Click here to get an appointment

Permaculture Teaching

Permaculture Farmers offers to teach on subjects about permaculture to all interested groups with knowlege about farming.

Permaculture Farmers offers Permaculture Teaching on subjects about permaculture. These lessons are for associations, groups, and classes that have knowledge about farming, nature, biology, animals and plants.

It is practical lessons that can take place over 4 evening lessons. One or two-day lessons or more, as desired. The idea with this lesson is to give participants the basic knowledge of what is permaculture and what can it be used for.

Depending on the devoted time the main topics will be:

What is permaculture?

Permaculture history.

Permaculture all over the world.

How does permaculture work?

What can permaculture be used for?

How can permaculture be made in your country?

Where can permaculture be made in your country?

Who will benefit from permaculture in your country?

Your permaculture project.

It will be possible to organize teaching so that it is directed to an interest group, such as gardeners, farmers, ecologists, biodynamic, schools, associations, etc.

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Permaculture Lectures

Permaculture Farmers offers lectures about permaculture to all interested groups.

Permaculture Farmers provides Permaculture Lectures on permaculture to all interested groups, associations and professional schools farming, nature, biology, animals, plants, and gardens.

What is permaculture?

Where does permaculture come from?

Who can make permaculture?

Who has made permaculture projects?

How is permaculture fundamentally different from what we do now?

What difference can permaculture do in your country?

How can we all make permaculture?

There is a bit of history that mentions the most important people through the last hundred years that have led to the permaculture we know today. The basic components of a permaculture project are reviewed and how to get started on creating a permaculture project.

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