Permaculture Design Plan

Permaculture Farmers make a "Permaculture Design Plan" for your permaculture project. The design plan will include all aspects of making a permaculture farm.

Permaculture Design Plan
A permaculture design plan consists of several parts, all of which are very important to achieve the desired result. There is a logical order to follow where a part must be completed before the next part can be started.
A little further explanation can be seen in the link on the front page and HERE

  • Your ideas and an analysis of the ideas. (adjustment of ideas and opportunities). 
  • Reviewing the project area.
  • Interview and presentation of project information schema.
  • Prospecting and project outline. (can it be made and how).
  • Flowplan for energy and biomass.
  • Measuring and final placement of items. (practical design work).
  • Implementation plan.
  • Finished permaculture design plan. (this can be done, and this is needed to do it).

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