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Three Steps to Permaculture

Making a permaculture design plan, consists of 3 very important steps.

Making a permaculture design consists of 3 steps.

1) Your Ideas and Desires
A permaculture project always starts with a permaculture consultant visits. Then it's a collaborative process that starts with your ideas and wishes, and continues until the finished permaculture design plan

What do you want?  Is really the only questions we ask in the information form we fill in together. All your ideas plans and thoughts are relevant, so it's about coming up with everything that could be interesting for you to do in your permaculture project.
You should complete an information form with all your ideas plans and thoughts, to have it all included in the feasibility study which you will be part of making.

2) The feasibility studies
After we find out your ideas and wishes, we'll find a common understanding of what it is we are going to do. Permaculture Farmers will then start the investigation, starting with finding publicly available data about your location.

Then there will be a visit to you, where we find out the options available and the techniques that can be used.
Prepare a project outline with the zone plans which describes the place and the development possibilities that exist.
The project plan should only be seen as a proposal for the permaculture design plan.

3) Permaculture Design Plan
PF knows from the project outline how the natural conditions are like sun, wind, water, landscape, buildings and other fixed elements, from the project kit we also have information about what to do and to some extent how.
To make the permaculture design plan, everything must now be measured and investigated. There must be contour cards, earth cards, sun and wind cards, sector analysis cards and a zone plan.
Then, all design elements, ie. (animals, plants, buildings, earthworks, etc.) are placed in the right places. Thus, it all becomes tied together so it acts as a single biological entity that, after the creation period, comes as close to being self-supporting and sustainable as possible.

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